Aldi UK – Project RPO


28 Area Managers


Our Project Outsourced Recruitment model is the perfect solution for short term challenges – recruitment spikes, headcount freezes, a change in capacity, a need to up or downscale the Talent Acquisition team; it’s your flexible and fast response.

A recent example of our project RPO service is our partnership with Aldi UK; a great demonstration of our success within the Retail sector. Here’s some of the highlights;

  • 28 Area Manager vacancies filled within the project RPO
  • Property Manager, Analyst and three CSR Managers placed in
    addition to the project RPO
  • Two Quality Assurance Managers placed, bringing essential
    credibility and authority to the relatively young Aldi brand
  • Contact with 2000+ candidates, through a real deep-dive into
    the Retail and Consumer sector
  • A considerable contribution to Aldi’s continuing success


To download the full case study, just send us a message by clicking here, and we will send it on to you.

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