In today's competitive market, recruiting is often a challenge for businesses. The demand for top talent is soaring, leading to time-consuming and costly hiring processes. Consequently, your talent acquisition teams might face mounting pressure, ultimately affecting the candidates' perception of your organisation. That's where Seven can step in to lend a helping hand. With an impressive track record and a large team of Consumer and Retail experts, we stand as a reliable and capable partner for all your recruitment needs. Whether you require complete outsourcing of the recruitment process or support for a specific campaign, we deliver tailored solutions designed to meet your unique requirements. Seven’s approach drives efficiencies and cuts down on costs, ensuring a smooth and successful recruitment experience. Explore Seven RPO to optimise your talent acquisition process. FAQ

What Is RPO?  Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is where an organisation transfers some or all of its recruitment activities to an external service provider (for example Seven). The external service provider, often referred to as an RPO provider, assumes responsibility for managing and executing the recruitment process on behalf of the organisation. In an RPO arrangement, the provider works closely with the client organisation to understand its hiring needs, develop recruitment strategies, and implement them to attract and select qualified candidates. The RPO provider typically takes on various tasks within the recruitment process, such as job advertising, candidate sourcing, CV screening, interviewing, referencing/right-to-work verification, and even onboarding.
Why would a business do this?  Lots of reasons! The key objectives of recruitment process outsourcing are generally to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment process while reducing costs and time-to-fill for job openings. By leveraging the expertise and resources of the RPO provider, organisations can tap into specialised knowledge, technologies, and networks that may not be readily available in-house.
Do I need RPO?  Determining whether your business would benefit from RPO depends on several factors. Here are some considerations to help you evaluate the potential benefits:
  • Sales and recruitment volume: RPO is particularly advantageous for organisations with high recruitment volumes or those experiencing rapid growth.
  • Cost efficiency: RPO can provide cost savings by reducing recruitment costs associated with advertising, candidate sourcing, agency fees, technology investments, and internal recruitment staff.
  • Expertise and Resources: RPO allows you to tap into the specialised knowledge and resources of expert recruitment professionals such as Seven.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: RPO offers scalability and flexibility to adapt to fluctuating recruitment demands. This scalability helps you avoid the costs and challenges associated with maintaining an in-house recruitment team that may be underutilised during slower periods.
  • Employer branding: RPO providers can assist in enhancing your employer brand by effectively promoting your organisation to potential candidates.
What are different levels of RPO?
  • Fully Outsourced RPO Is where the entire recruitment function Is outsourced to the RPO provider. they function as an extension of the client's HR department.
  • Partial Outsourced RPO Is where specific components or stages are outsourced and some are managed Internally.
  • Project RPO Is focused on fulfilling short-term or specific requirement projects or campaigns e.g., a large hiring Initiative or seasonal hiring.
  • On-demand RPO provides support and services on an as-needed businesses. The client can engage the RPO provider whenever they have specific recruitment needs.
  RPO from a HR Director's Perspective Seven is very proud to have been the outsourced talent partner to Hovis for the last four years, but the relationship actually predates our RPO partnership; we have collaborated for more than fifteen years to provide innovative talent solutions for this iconic brand. Our In-house Talent team is embedded into the Hovis business and is responsible for all aspects of the candidate lifecycle, together with providing additional services of employer branding, Apprenticeship recruitment and training of hiring managers. We spoke with Pete Hill, Hovis HR Director about the benefits of outsourcing the Hovis talent acquisition function, to discuss the decisions he has made and his thoughts on the challenges currently faced by HR and recruitment. Read more here. Download Our Free RPO Guide Want to find out more about RPO, assess whether It's right for your business, read about the different levels, find some tips on getting started, and what results you can expect? Download our Guide to RPO absolutely FREE!