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Recruitment business – a novice’s perspective.

27th February 2023

New starter Martha, gives her insight into working for an FMCG recruitment business with no previous knowledge.

Working as a digital marketer within an FMCG recruitment business, completely from scratch with no given knowledge of the background, hasn’t been an easy adjustment for me. However, I wouldn’t change anything about it.

Previous History

I’ve always had an enjoyment and strong interest for editing and digital marketing as it loosely runs within my family (a lot of people I know, or family members work within the marketing industry of some form). This encouraged me to follow my heart, think about my future and start applying for my dream role. I decided an apprenticeship was the best option for me as it gives me the opportunity to continue developing and learning new skills whilst also working and earning in the process. Back in November I went through my own recruitment process with my apprenticeship company, who found me my position here at Seven Search and Selection.

Starting a new job in a new year felt very overwhelming and scary to me, but that didn’t last very long. My first week was a bit crazy – with train strikes and working from home I had a whole week before I met any of my colleagues. That didn’t change the fact I was welcomed with open arms, and everyone treated me like I’d been here for ages. I didn’t feel like the new girl for very long. Although I would describe myself as a very quiet person, the team here are such a confident bunch of people who seem able to talk to anyone about anything. I’m definitely hoping some of this confidence rubs off on me! The recruitment business was new to me when I started here. It did take me a while to understand what the business entails and how it runs, but I’m getting there!

FMCG Recruitment Business

Before starting at Seven, if I’m completely honest, I’d never even heard of the term FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). Now I feel I have full understanding of the definition, what it stands for and plenty of companies/ businesses within that sector. With regards to the recruitment side of the business, I’ve learnt just how challenging it can be. From an outsider’s point of view it can seem easy but trust me, from sitting in an office full of recruiters day in and day out, it seems very busy, sometimes a tad stressful but rewarding in the long run.

Every day I’m constantly finding out new things and being surprised about this business. Being fully immersed is the best way to learn in this sector as you overhear multiple different conversations daily. The amount of different companies, clients and potential candidates each recruiter must speak to and keep in touch with blows my mind. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to store all this information! Also, the amount of different FMCG businesses that are out there and how many of them we work with on a regular basis. Recruiting doesn’t just happen overnight, it can take months to build relationships and to find the right candidate for the role. Never mind the recruitment process that follows it.

Hybrid Working?

Hard at work at a Recruitment business

With my first fulltime job being post-pandemic, I have never known anything different to hybrid working. Don’t get me wrong, hybrid working has its pros, but it also most definitely has its cons too. I enjoy the aspects of working from the comfort of my own home for many reasons, waking up later in the morning, staying in comfy clothes all day and avoiding the peak travelling of buses before and after work. However, working from home can mean distraction central, especially with a barking dog, many siblings and Netflix close to hand.

The working from the office/ home balance can be nice sometimes, on quieter weeks. Knowing you need to get things done within a time scale, being in the office really helps. Personally, working in the office is my own personal preference as it encourages me to do more work and there’s very little distraction around, but it can be nice working from home every so often. It’s all about balance!

You want my advice?

Now, I’m not (yet!) an expert on the recruiting side of things, but if you want some of my advice and my perspective on how to get into the recruitment world, I have 2 main points that stick out to me; confidence and communication skills. A recruiter that approaches with a confident attitude always makes a good first impression. Don’t be afraid to do it your own way, be more comfortable, individual and have a positive do-good attitude towards both your job and your clients.

However, let me give some advice if you’re genuinely debating pursuing a digital marketing apprenticeship. All I can say is don’t overthink it, if you are confident enough in yourself then go for it. Don’t be afraid to show your abilities, be confident within yourself and your work. There is no “career ceiling” for an apprenticeship in digital marketing so do not feel you need to know everything from the start. That’s the beauty of an apprenticeship, you’ll learn more and more skills every day. Digital marketing is fun and should overall be an enjoyable experience.

What does my future consist of?

Whilst this is my first full time job, I often think about where I see myself in the next couple of years. I live by the fact of always having a positive mindset to continuously grow and better myself within my job and workplace. I want to progress both with my confidence and within my role itself by potentially becoming higher within the marketing/ digital marketing sector. Maybe training someone to do this exact job I’m currently being trained to do. If possible, I would potentially expand to outside of Leeds. I have always believed bigger and better is the way forward!


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