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Seven Director Gabby answers our International Women’s Day questions.

8th March 2023
You’ve worked in the retail recruitment world for a while now! Tell us a little bit about your role and how you’ve got there.

Well, it’s been quite a journey! From retail to recruitment and to where I am now.

I’ve always been really interested in the retail world, to the extent that I did my degree in retail marketing. During my time at uni, I did a year placement at M&S and then ended up joining the graduate scheme. I learnt a lot about the retail industry in a short space of time here.

After a while I decided I wanted a bit of a change and ended up joining a recruitment company as part of their consumer team. This was thanks in main to a friend recommending recruitment.

I soon realised that even though I belonged in retail and consumer recruitment, there were lots of things that could be done better. I decided to leave to be one of the founders of Seven, a company we wanted to be different to others out there.


Have you ever faced any barriers for being a woman working in retail recruitment? If so, how did you overcome them?

Yes definitely. The recruitment company I initially joined never really had any female consultants and hadn’t recruited job changers before. So, I was quite an anomaly to them and there was the opinion that I wouldn’t do well. I chose to ignore them, get my head down and focus on doing a good job and progressing. Which is exactly what I did!

Those barriers that I faced have shaped my leadership style at Seven. Of course, gender is of no relevance when we recruit – in fact some of our top billers are women. And we actively encourage job changers into our industry, so long as they have the right drive and traits to lead them to success. The transferable skills one can pick up from say Sales, Marketing or Management go a long way in retail and consumer recruitment.

Retail recruiter Gabby talks about the barriers she has faced

What is the most important piece of advice you have been given, and want to pass onto young women embarking on their career (not just those in retail recruitment but any industry)?

Never assume anything, always check. We are all busy and want to get things done, but being thorough and checking peoples expectations and exactly what they mean is important. It’s saved me from getting in a lot of sticky situations, and I know my clients and candidates appreciate it.


Is there anyone that inspires you in your career?

Yes, lots of people. They are often people I have personally known where I know the full ins and outs of their real, gritty story. The good the bad and the ugly! Of course, there are lots of inspiring media stories out there. But it’s those that I am close to that inspire me and that I learn from every day.


Why do you think diversity in the workplace is important?

It’s a real tricky one for me and part of me doesn’t even believe that we should need this day (if we were all equal, why do we need just one day to celebrate women?) ! However, unfortunately and for a whole host of reasons there isn’t equality for many groups of individuals in the workplace and whilst this is the case – days like International Women’s Day highlight the disparities and hopefully go some way to closing any gaps.


If you could have dinner with three inspirational women, dead, alive, or fictional, who would they be any why?

Great question, and I do love a dinner party. I’d have to choose…

  • Beyonce: I find her incredible in every way. I know what she’s achieved doesn’t come without extreme hard work and work ethic. Also, I am very curious and would love to know her daily routine; pick up some tips maybe.
  • Emmeline Pankhurst: the trailblazer for women’s equality. I would just love a conversation with her to ask her a million questions and gleam some insight into her life and experiences. How did she overcome such challenges and manage to truly pave the way? What were those initial conversations she had? What a fascinating lady.
  • Betty Boothroyd: I really didn’t know a huge amount about her until she sadly passed away recently, but what an interesting and determined woman. Her story is intriguing and just shows anyone can reach their ambition with hard work.


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