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Seven’s Volunteer Day with Local Foodbank

30th June 2023

2nd June 2023 was pretty special for us, as we got the opportunity to spend a volunteer day with a truly wonderful local foodbank charity – Leeds North and West Foodbank (seeded by The Trussell Trust).

All Seven colleagues are entitled to a volunteer day a year, to spend contributing to a good cause of their choosing. The Leeds team decided to use their volunteer days as a team, and the first step was finding a charity who we were able to help.

It didn’t take us long to all agree on Leeds North and West Foodbank. They are based just down the road from our office in Leeds, they don’t think anyone in our community should have to go hungry, and they dedicate their time to collecting donations and providing emergency food to people in crisis. It was a no brainer (although we obviously recognise there are many wonderful charities in the area though and wish we could work with them all).

The team at Leeds North and West Foodbank were absolute stars to work with, from the organising and logistics to being with us on the day to show us how it’s done!

Half of our volunteers spent the day in the warehouse where they sorted donations and packed emergency food boxes to go out to those in need. The other members of the team were based in local ASDA supermarkets engaging with the community, explaining what the charity do, and encouraging shoppers to donate items from the charities’ shopping list.

We had such a great day and are very grateful for the opportunity to spend time with such an incredible organisation, doing amazing things. We all work in the food and drink industry, and probably are guilty of taking it for granted that we have enough to eat and drink each day. It’s crucial that we consider those that may need help (whether this is short term or long term) and think about the ways that we can help.

Maybe you could set-up a donation box in your office (we did this a few weeks ago and were amazed with the generosity of the team), or organise a volunteer day with a local foodbank? Another idea would be to organise a fundraising event to help provide vital funds to keep such charities going (we are currently in brainstorm mode of what we as a team want to do next!). Looking for an even simpler way to help? Just engaging on social media with charities can help to raise awareness of what they do, which in turn is likely to aid their fundraising efforts.

Hopefully you’ve found some food for thought there in terms of supporting some great organisations. Good luck!

Need help in finding a local foodbank (maybe you need their support, or you want to enquire about volunteering opportunities?). You might find this site useful:


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