Aldi UK – CSR (Farming)

We have been a trusted recruitment partner for Aldi UK since 2013.


Corporate Responsibility Manager – Farming, Forestry & Fishing


Corporate Responsibility roles were a growing function within the Aldi business and the three we have worked on are highly specific, with a high level of industry knowledge and a very defined skill-set required. It certainly taught us a few things too; these were some of the most interesting candidate backgrounds we have heard! Aldi’s headquarters also represent a geographical challenge – there are no other major food retailers in Warwickshire, so relocation would be a factor for the successful candidate.

This work for Aldi’s CSR team was in addition to our Project RPO.

We were briefed on this role having recently sourced a Corporate Responsibility Manager in Ethical Sourcing (Food)

We conducted a very strategic search for this role. We established the ideal candidate profile with the client and ascertained the right person would need to come from an established retailer, so we utilised our network to find those candidates.  The successful candidate even had her own herd of cattle and a family history in farming so was well-placed for the role and an ideal match for Aldi.

This candidate is still in role. Aldi then returned to us with another Corporate Responsibility Manager – for Health & Nutrition.

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Seven has consistently delivered Quality Assurance & Corporate Responsibility candidates that are of a high standard and a good fit for our business over several years and multiple recruitment cycles.